Patrick Ryan

Director & Founder

I’ve always had an interest in cars that was sparked by my first job as an apprentice bus mechanic for London Transport.I then moved into

the fast-fit industry with Kwik Fit specializing in exhaust and tyres. I’ve always been keen on classic cars coupled with a keen interest in vehicle emissions which very much aligned with my concerns about the environment and being able to make a beneficial but practical difference. This why I’m so impressed with the end results & benefits of carbon-cleaning engines and why I’m very happy proud to finally find a product that ticks all the boxes as follows; performance, reduction of emissions & MPG Gain

So that’s power, waste, economic benefits as well as benefiting the environment. All of which form a compelling case for carbon-cleaning your vehicles engine. If we all can help the environment one step at a time by cleaning our own emissions, then I’ll be a happy man. This is what London needs right now, a breath of fresh air and we need it. However, our ambition is to roll out BlueWhale Tuning services across the UK and beyond.

Make a start today, no more excuses! And save our climate and the blue whales. One man, one woman or child can make a difference when we stand together. Emissions reduction is just the beginning, but it doesn’t stop here, it starts!

Stan Louis

Director & Founder

With over 20 years of experience in both sales and as an all-rounder in the motor trade. Hands-on experience coupled with a tremendous knowledge base. Exceptional understanding of all aspects of motor vehicles and how they operate. Vast experience capturing; supervision & management of teams of technicians, carrying out all types of mechanical servicing, repairs, as well as electronic work using the latest diagnostic technology to work out problems quickly & resolve them efficiently.

Over 30 years of experience in the motor trade,  10 years of working with Halfords as a branch manager. Excellent knowledge of safety features, market, and seasonal trends.  Recognize opportunities to utilize and maximize our existing products and services to develop and add value and profit to the bottom line. Leverage our current products and make them more available to our customers. Stan has previously owned and managed a TVR Service Centre in Chiswick and has classic car race preparation experience via Nick Lowe Engineering (Northampton). Stan posses's exceptional customer service skills as well as procurement, quality control, parts costing & property management experience via both private and corporate endeavours.