Retrofitted fuel Enhancement Technology cells 

• Dramatically reduced emissions

• Maintains cleanliness of DPF

• Quick & easy installation

• No impact to vehicles warranty
• Small sized & unobtrusive – Units are typically fitted within the engine housing area.
• Low maintenance
• Low purchase costs vs. long-term cost savings
• No moving parts
• 95% recyclable
• Reduces your carbon footprint

EXO systems have been specifically designed to suit most types of vehicle with engine sizes from 600cc up to 19 litres with three basic cell sizes:

• ExO:1 (Car derived vehicles & small engines)

• ExO:2 (Light commercial vehicles)
• ExO:3 (Larger commercial vehicles & engines)

Multi-vehicle usage
•Diesel Locomotives
•Marine Engines
•First Responders

Our development teams are constantly working on improving our existing product range and developing products for new markets. Future projects include rail and shipping markets, construction, and remote generator applications within the military and domestic usage sectors.

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Please contact BlueWhale Tuning for a free quote as unit and fitting costs vary per application specification.

Sound Good?

"Atmos-clear EXO units achieved a 70% average reduction in harmful emissions across a fleet of 33 engines, during 18 months of testing"

Source; Mazars France audit report

'Paris Clean-Air Project' Dec.2019