an Alternative to particulate filter replacement

The diesel particle filter (DPF), also known as soot particle filter or simply particle filter, has the task of filtering health-endangering particles out of the exhaust system. In addition, the particle filter burns the soot that has collected on the filter pockets. This soot burn-off depends on the respective operating conditions, the different driving cycles and the individual engine exhaust concept of the automobile manufacturer. In order to comply with emissions standards, the diesel particulate filter (DPF) - as the name suggests - is used on vehicles with a diesel engine.

The Cost-Effective Alternative to Replacing the Particulate Filter

If the particle filter is clogged with particles, however, it can quickly become expensive. Customers must dig deep into their pockets to replace a diesel particulate filter. A new diesel particulate filter (DPF) costs between £900.00 to £6,000. In addition, a longer workshop visit of the car and a chargeable replacement vehicle must be planned. In contrast, cleaning the particle filter with the TUNAP solution is an extremely cost-effective and inexpensive alternative.

Cleaning Instead of Replacement

• Makes for customer satisfaction
• DPF is back at work quickly
• DPF cleaning does not require expensive removal
• Our solution is technically approved by leading makers
• Enormous cost savings
• Preventive measures that keep your client’s mobile long term
• Proven over a 1 million time
• To see the process in action click here

DPF Cleaning Costs

The cost of a DPF clean with BlueWhale Tuning ranges between £200-£400 depending on the vehicle make and model. Please contact us for a free quote and remember, our engineers visit you at home or work so there is no need to bring your car to us. For commercial application POE.

TUNAP Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Microflex® 931 and 932
The cleaning set for diesel particulate filters (DPF) consists of a nonflammable and metal free cleaning liquid and a rinsing solution. The non-flammable and metal-free cleaner dissolves particles such as carbon and ash deposits in diesel particulate filters (DPF). In conjunction with the neutral purging solution, the exhaust gas pressure ensures smooth removal of the soot and ash particles from the exhaust system or from the particle filter.

• Cleaning without disassembling the particulate filter
• Nonflammable
• Neutral ash- and metal free formulation
• Residue-free evaporation

State of The Art Particulate Filter Cleaning System 

TUNAP was the first company to develop and patent an in situ particulate filter cleaning system. Our technology allows blocked filters to be cleaned without removing them, saving both time and money. 

• Patented technology
• Works on euro 6 engines
• Filter does not have to be taken apart
• Used more than 250,000 times (worldwide)

Independently Tested 

The VERT ® Association verifies and recommends the effectiveness of the TUNAP particulate filter cleaning process. VERT ® Association (Verification of Emission Reduction Technologies) is an association dedicated to the identification and promotion of best available technologies for emission control. Members of the VERT ® Association include international engine manufacturers and manufacturers of particulate filters and SCR systems.

Tunap DPF Cleaner is the best available method for businesses and customers to fix issues regarding blocked DPF's quickly and affordably

Sound Good?

Our DPF cleaning service is the cost-effective alternative to replacing the particulate filter.