BlueWhale Tuning Covid Response 

BlueWhale Tuning Ltd are a London based distributor for Atmos-Clear AIR and promotor of clean air solutions.

Atmos-Clear Limited are a privately owned and funded, British Clean Air Technology Company. 

BlueWhale Tuning Ltd are working together with Atmos-Clear to provide a solution to help keep people safe and confident by providing the ideal sanitizing device for communal arears, public, retail, commercial, personal, and medical spaces.

Utilizing proven UV-C technology, Atmos-Clear designed, developed, and built the Atmos-Clear AIR devices. Do not be fooled by their sizes! They are only 100mm x 100mm x 75mm for the smaller with the Medical standing at 105mm tall.


-Clear Air and Air Medical harness Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) technology, a disinfection method commonly used in hospitals, that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (ultraviolet C or UVC) light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, thus destroying their ability to replicate.

Up until this point, the technology has not been widely available, especially not for home or personal use. However, as we sat around the table trying to find a solution for frontline medical staff, we all voiced our thoughts; what about those at home? What about those of us who will have to return to shared offices? And so, the AIR Home was developed, alongside the larger AIR Medical.

Air Medical -

AIR Home -

The resounding message from all of us at Atmos-Clear Limited and BlueWhale Tuning Ltd is "Stay Safe", we hope that if you have to return to a more populated environment that you will consider using the Atmos-Clear AIR for your wellbeing.

UVC LED Disinfection, How Does it Work?

Here comes the science!

Reducing the Spread of Airborne Bacterium, Viruses, Flying Mites, Other Irritants and Infectious Agents Within the Work Place.

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