our carbon-cleaning services in London

By choosing Bluewhale Tuning to perform a Carbon Clean on your HGV, PSV, LCV, passenger car, marine and machinery in the greater London area, you’re actively helping the environment as well as enjoying the benefits listed below. Hydrogen carbon cleaning can help to restore the performance loss to carbon build up.(all internal combustion engine lose power with age and time)

In only 30-60 minutes, just one BlueWhale service will safely & confidently reduce carbon build-up as well as deposits within the engine & exhaust. 

Our process is 100% chemical free and utilises water to effectively clean any vehicles engine, DPF, CAT and exhaust system.

The benefits of bluewhaling your vehicle

  • Long-lasting and immediate results

  • Smoother and more powerful response from your engine

  • Lower fuel cost

  • Drastically lower emissions

  • No dismantling of engine parts


My car is amazing, picks up and accelerates immediately, the response is incredible.


"Revving more Cleanly"

The B5 seems to be performing much better in lower gears, 2-3 and seems to be revving more cleanly when accelerating hard.


"Massive Difference"

Thank you for doing the car, it's a blast now. Massive difference.


Sound Good?

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