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BlueWhale Tuning is excited and proud to announce that in addition to our engine carbon-cleaning services, we have now been appointed as an official distributor for Atmos-Clear Home & Atmos-Clear Commercial air purification units for commercial & personal use, respectively. 

This complements our service and product offering in the clean air space and is very timely in the era of COVID-19, more below!

The Atmos-Clear Home and Atmos-Clear Commercial units safely harnesses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) technology. UVGI is a disinfection method which has been safely used in hospitals for many years where a germ-free environment in operating theatres and patient wards is essential. As the UK begins to open-up in a changed environment because of COVID19, we are all acutely aware and concerned about the quality of the air that we breathe at home and in our working environment. For this reason, these units were created as a product to both clean and purify home, office or mobile environment and thus ensure that the air you’re breathing is free of airborne viruses of all types.

Unit dimensions are 100mm x 100mm x 75mm Home unit and 100mm x 100mm by 105mm for the Air Commercial unit so small enough to be placed anywhere at home, office, school and your vehicle to give all-round confidence in the cleanness of the air your breathing wherever you are.Firms can ensure a add a powerful layer of comfort and protection to employees as they return to the office after lockdown.
Ideal for large or small offices, SME’s, retailers, schools, and anywhere where people congregate.Increase footfall as a retailer; use of these units can actively encourage footfall & sales as customers can take confidence that the environment they are entering is constantly being cleaned.

What if You Can Sanitize the Air in the Office?

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• For home, office and mobile use
• Sleek modern design
• Although small, the units are powerful and unique in the marketplace by using a combination of UV-C and ION discharged in one small unit
• Minimal noise ensures no distractions at home or work
• In-room operations; safely stay in the room whilst the unit works.
• The unit will clean an average-sized* room in less than 30 minutes (*6m x 4m x 2.4m)
• Clean Air Production Flow: approx. 50m²/hour
• 4 Stage UV-C Filtration – The ambient air is drawn in via a filter, via a low noise fan, the air is then treated to 4 stages of UV-C before passing through a second filter back into the atmosphere
• Sleek modern design, ideally sized to be non-intrusive
• Utilises scientifically proven technology
• 100% chemical-free, no water or chemicals required
• Two stage concurrent air purification contains an Ionizer which ensures elimination of any harmful ozone
• Safety in design; the unit contains a safe LED UV-C light source system housed within a sealed enclosure which ensures children or adults are not at any risk.
• 100% British technology manufactured in the UK by clean-air technology specialist, Atmos-Clear
• Buyers are directly boosting the UK’s economy as we begin to progress out of lockdown and repair the economic impact of COVID-19
• Mains power supplied from a small plug-in transformer (included) The unit accepts 90-240vac input voltage via a 12vdc transformer
• Car charger included
• CE marked and ROHS compliant
• 12-month warranty

How does it work?

The unit utilises UV-C Filtration, a process where ambient air is drawn into the internal air-filter via a low-noise fan. The captured air is then treated to 4 stages of UV-C before passing through a second filter and then pushed back out into the local environment.The cleaning process utilises short-wave ultraviolet light to kill and inactivate airborne infectious agents, bacteria’s and micro-organisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA. This is essential as this process destroys their ability to replicate. The unit captures 99.9% of all airborne infectious agents, bacterium, flying mites and other irritants so you can have confidence that the air you and your family or colleagues are breathing has been treated to massively reduce the risk of infections.

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Atmos-Clear Air

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Reducing the Spread of Airborne Bacterium, Viruses, Flying Mites, Other Irritants and Infectious Agents Within the Work Place.

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